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    Question to the crackberry community. Loooooooongtime lurker, first time posting.

    My question is how does BB10 (latest iteration) deal with privacy. I have read a bunch on the security features and how it is difficult to hack/ deliver malware/ gain remote access, but my question is more on privacy. Privacy is a more regular/ consistent consideration than remote hacking imho.Part of my concern is that one my current device, HTC One (M7), the Amazon apps I have (app store/ photos/ cloud drive/ music via prime) continually and regularly phone home.
    I realize VPN use will anonymize activities, but 1) it is a bit more difficult to use on a phone than a PC; and 2) to my knowledge, BB10 does not support openvpn.
    The only other option is blackphone and it accomplished privacy at the expense of untility; it basically does not use the play store.
    03-04-15 06:55 AM

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