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    Using the Blackberry Classic, I am able to see other participants, and their texts in a group text message, but my replies to the group are sent as individual texts to the group participants not allowing them to then reply all to the group.

    I've never been able to reply all to a group text using the 9900 either but assumed this was fixed with new devices.
    01-08-15 02:42 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Some are still having this issue, however I haven't. Check your mms settings..
    02-17-15 05:24 PM
  3. dslocumb's Avatar
    Are you a T-Mobile user by chance?

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-15 05:53 PM
  4. dslocumb's Avatar
    Answered in BBM already, but figured I'd answer here too for others:

    T-Mobile has a known issue with group texts. Normally, when you start a text and add a second or multiple recipients, the device will prompt, asking do you want to "Enable Group Conversation" and once you check the box for that, it will notify you that the message will be sent as MMS vs SMS.

    T-Mobile phones don't prompt to Enabled Group Conversation, so you need to send all text-only messages as MMS.

    To fix your issue, go into Texts, then click the options button then select Settings, then text messages and Advanced, then change the option for "Send Text-Only Messages as" from it's current setting to MMS and save.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-19-15 09:01 AM
  5. dslocumb's Avatar
    By the way, I'm pretty sure this was corrected for T-Mobile devices if you update to OS.
    03-17-15 04:37 PM
  6. Centerman66's Avatar
    My t-mobile z30 does group texting just fine. However, my wife's Leap on AT&T is having the aforementioned issue.

    Posted on CB10 using my Z30 STA 100-5 on OS
    05-21-15 11:54 PM
  7. Centerman66's Avatar
    Bug in the BlackBerry OS. Go to settings, text messages from the hub. Advanced. Change "Send Text-Only Message As" from "automatic" to "MMS". You will then send all texts as mms. Mms is required for group text. The flaw in OS10 is that "automatic" doesn't switch to mms correctly for group texts.

    Posted on CB10 using my Z30 STA 100-5 on OS
    05-24-15 01:00 PM

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