1. Iggy519's Avatar
    I have a replacement middle board but would prefer to just replace the broken button on my phone with the button on the replacement in case there is a fault in the new board.
    06-27-17 09:58 AM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Everything I'm reading only mentions replacing the whole middle board. :-(
    It's more like an assembly. Maybe the new board will be just fine.

    Nothing stopping you from trying to pop it off, but wouldn't risk the potential damage myself.
    06-27-17 10:56 AM
  3. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello here is a link to a thread on this subject hope it helps. Good luck
    Another to a you tube video on taking apart a Z30
    coffee-turtle likes this.
    06-27-17 11:06 AM
  4. Iggy519's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the replies. I watched a couple of vids last year on the subject but couldn't find any reference to replacing just the button. They gave me enough courage to buy a replacement board on eBay from China. Came complete with battery for 22 bucks and I bought the tools for $1.34 including shipping. So I've had this unit with the uncharged lithium battery in it for about a year now too chicken to jump right into the repair. I was using the phone with a piece of sticky tape holding the two pieces of power button together but after the 3rd piece of tape let go yesterday I decided to have a go. This morning I posted to you folks in a last ditch effort to save me from having to chance that old battery. Well I followed the video step by step and it wasn't that hard to do. The phone is charging and feels nice and cool so far, well, comfortably warm. I'll keep you posted if you want on any further developments but it seems to work just like before. I sure hope I don't lose this baby, its the best phone I've ever owned.
    06-27-17 03:52 PM

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