1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    why my blackberry Z3 model:STJ100-1 does not boot? brings this error "www.bberror.com/bb10-0015" when you boot it.
    10-22-14 01:01 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Go here:

    Discusses the issue and how to fix the issue. Looks like a OS reload.
    10-22-14 01:22 PM
  3. raino's Avatar
    10-22-14 01:23 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    To the best of my recollection (old and feeble minded ), that's the wrong radio attempted installed. Simply running an autoloader of the right one for the OS and device would resolve it, were that the case.
    10-22-14 03:28 PM
  5. simon sim1's Avatar
    just connect your phone to computer . use blackberry link to reload the OS.
    10-24-14 03:25 AM
  6. paul harris3's Avatar
    pls help
    05-04-15 02:04 PM
  7. Damodar Sunil's Avatar
    my z10 STL100-3 device is security wiped upto 7 hours time and finally got an error is bberror.com/bb10-0015.
    and i reload the os using blackberry link it takes upto 4 hours till it shows downloading software update(0%) .
    is there any effect of slow internet connection, USB cable unrecognizing , and any power cut
    please help me.....................
    08-20-16 07:24 PM

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