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    Never had WiFi problems with my Z10 and have great battery life with my Z30. And no matter how much time, you will never be as productive on Android as BB10.

    Actually I'm probably a little more productive... with the way I use a smartphone. Voice controls on my DROID are much better, and the Car Mode that reads and replies to text and emails really helps me out. ... voice assistant on BlackBerry was nothing in comparison.

    Emails... I do miss the gestures, but I can create and reply to emails, I can add attachments of all kinds (even without a built in file manager), with the BlackBerry keyboard I've got flick to type... what's not productive?

    I use my camera a lot to take pictures of customers sites... camera software for organizing images is much better. And the fact that I can just shake my phone to start taking pictures is also much more productive... for me.

    While I miss the red blinking light, full notifications on the lock screen work just fine for me.

    Web searches... again Google Now has increased my productivity there by a lot.

    I think it comes down to what you are use to and comfortable with.
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    05-17-16 02:34 PM
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    I was never a BBerry user until I got my Z10. Like it a lot. Had Android phones in the past, current Android tablet. Android seems less "of one", but that's probably just an illusion. When BBerry comes out with their smaller, keyless Android phone, then I'll make the inevitable switch. In the end a phone should be a tool -- which is why I like the Z10. And why I'm hoping BBerry will indeed bring out those smaller phones.
    05-18-16 10:02 AM
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    John Chen thinks that most consumers prefer the bigger screen. My thoughts are that the device size (not screen) of a iPhone6 or Galaxy 7 hits the sweet spot.
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    05-18-16 10:09 AM
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