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    hi all
    i juts got a PRIV unlocked , i am using ultra mobile service form T-mobile

    put my ultra mobile sim on it and go to settings to set APN

    there were 5-7 options such as metro pcs, t-mobile GPRS, simple mobile, consumer cellular, TFWAP,,etc......

    i chose the consumer cellular boz it had named 'wholesale' as an APN NAME for ultra mobile. and checked the details and saved.

    moved back to the screen but there was no 4g or 4g lte mark on top of the screen.

    so tried to write something for ultra mobile APN, again went back to the screen , but no 4g, 4g lte mark was on it.
    ( followed how to set BOTH bb's and andoid's APN )

    so chose t-mobile GPRS which i used to use on my bb classic was working

    this time i tried with that APN with, without any settings but still no mark on the screen

    the thing is not working with internet , calling and texting is no problem so far

    it shows that " service option subscribed" on the screen and every time push

    this error message , it dragged me to set an APN again............. same bad cycle

    how do i set for ultra mobile APN on my priv ??? plz help me out
    12-09-15 12:41 AM
  2. rav813's Avatar
    12-09-15 02:01 AM
  3. ww ww's Avatar
    did but did not work
    12-09-15 02:28 AM

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