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    I bought my used phone off amazon and had to reset everything since the guy didnt even remove his password...this is my first blackberry and they are COMPLICATED! after resetting everything and being forced to make a password all my pictures are being saved to the phone and i no longer have room.....i have a minisd card but it wont save to it and in the memory options my media card support is locked! i've read this is because of work supplied phones but this is my PERSONAL phone so how do i unlock it?!
    10-11-14 03:18 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    they are COMPLICATED!
    They're not complicated. Your unique situation is complicated. At this point, I'm not even sure why you've kept the device. You should be seeking a refund/return. If you wish for any further help, then please provide some more details.. letting us know which device you're even referring to is a great place to start as the methods in helping you address them really do depend on that info as even a basic starting point.
    10-11-14 05:53 PM
  3. medic_28's Avatar
    Any need to set passwords or save to device or media card can be turned off. Play around with the settings based on which device you have and you'll be set to enjoy your purchase

    Media cards setting are available from your camera app and swipe down from top.

    Device passwords are under setting/ security and privacy.

    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 06:09 PM
  4. Keepin_Pace's Avatar
    Let's not overlook the obvious. If you were forced to make a password and you cannot enable the SD card. It is likely that the device has an IT policy on it. Prob due to being on an enterprise server. What model of blackberry is it?

    This is prob an easy fix. The IT policy would need to be removed. Which would require a reset of the device. Then you could set it up without being forced to use a password. And any other restrictions the IT policy is currently implementing.

    As the previous posters said, provide some additional information and we'd be more than happy to assist.


    Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Passport
    10-11-14 06:55 PM

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