01-10-15 03:59 PM
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    Go to settings> BlackBerry protect>Restore

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    That did not work. In addition, the manual I got online gave multiple ways to make the switch and which would work., so I had the pleasure (not) of trying them all. Eventually, most of my data made it, but I really don't know which method was the one that was successful.
    01-10-15 12:22 PM
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    Desktop was garbage too.
    Link is OK.
    I believe what your real problem was just link not recognizing the device. I've heard of this happening before and usually rebooting your computer or device would fix it. Sometimes you need to do a security wipe on your phone if rebooting doesn't help.

    You should talk to Mr 4aces about his switch from a bold to the classic.
    Link not recognizing the device was one of many problems along the way. Initially, I found I had a traditional SIM card in the 9900 and needed a microSIM. Link would not recognize the Q10 without a micro SIM already installed.

    I am now about 2 weeks into the switch and Balckberry World seems to be suggesting I may want some of the apps I had before. Still no MemoPad however.
    01-10-15 12:26 PM
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    You don't use Desktop Manager for this.

    Download BlackBerry Link, then plug your OS 7 device in and select switch device, it will back the Curve up, then it'll prompt you to plug your BB10 device in and restore it onto that.

    It is pretty straight forward

    Also, if you use BlackBerry Protect to back up the Curve, you can go into BlackBerry Protect on the BB10 and do a one time restore.

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    OP said they don't have protect on their old phone and he couldn't get it because the SIM was turned off. I told him to use the website and get it there, you can still do that? With you phone connected to the computer. Didn't even try. It's a dead thread anyway since he got rid of the phone and stayed with his old one n
    01-10-15 03:59 PM
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