1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My situation:

    - I recently changed my instrument from BB Curve (CDMA) to Sony Experia M5 (GSM) and my service provider from Reliance (CDMA) to Vodafone (GSM).
    - I want to port my contacts from the Curve to the Experia but am already disconnected from the net on my Curve.
    - I tried to do a Transfer Contacts through Bluetooth. Both devices are seeing each other. The BB says Generating Contacts, then Transferring Contacts, at which point the Experia beeps in response, saying "Incoming files from paired device. Confirm if you want to receive files", but doesn't doesn't tell me how to confirm. I try tapping the message window, but that takes me to the Bluetooth setup dialogue which is not relevant to the transfer. After a while the BB Curve says "Transfer Failed. See the manual for your Bluetooth device". I keep getting this and am at my wits' end.

    Any suggestions? Does Bluetooth in general and Transfer Contacts in particular work without the net or does it need the net? How do I transfer my contacts out of a internet-disconnected BB device to a connected Android one? Please help.
    03-13-16 04:34 AM
  2. mellowjellow's Avatar
    Get a hotspot from a friend, connect to Internet and download intouch contact transfer and backup app.. Make an account on it and take your backup. Do same thing on android and install same app, login and sync.. Done.
    03-14-16 04:46 AM

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