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    I am a devoted BlackBerry user for years. I bought a NEW Classic last year, now the screen capture doesn't work along with the volume button. I may be forced to buy the Priv. I have used the BlackBerry Link to transfer contacts, notes etc from one BlackBerry to another. Will I still be able to use BlackBerry Link on my computer to transfer the information from my Classic to my Priv? Also, how many email accounts does the Priv allow? I am a Verizon customer. Should I go with another carrier since Verizon doesn't seem to allow updates for Priv? Does the Priv keyboard light up like the Classic?
    07-12-16 03:26 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    BlackBerry created a Content Transfer app that is in BBW... should do the trick.

    LINK and Blend do not work with the PRIV.

    Not sure what the email account "limit" is... a bunch.

    If you're in the US... no other Carrier is currently doing much better with the PRIV and updates. Best bet would be to buy unlocked from Amazon or BlackBerry and use AT&T service (can't buy a CDMA unlocked). But that's only if you can use "others" coverage.... for me the coverage comes first, then the phone.

    Yes the keyboard is backlit.
    07-12-16 03:50 PM

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