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    I want to begin using a new Torch 9810. I have owned a Torch 9800 for several years now and have loved it. I recently bought a new 9810 Torch in order to take advanage of it's 4G capabilities. I need to learn how to affectively transfer the data, pictures, and apps from my 9800 to the new 9810. That's what brought me to this forum. Google led me to a thread titled " Data transfer from torch 9800 to torch 9810". Problem is, it doesn't provide enough usable (for me) to accomplish the task. The users here use a lot of initialed acronyms that they take for granted that everyone should understand like, DM and DSW. I, for one have no understanding of such acronyms. Might you be able to provide or guide me to some concise tutorials ? Many thanks..... Dave.
    07-30-16 09:50 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Just use BlackBerry Desktop Software to backup your 9800. Then restore to your 9810. Make sure you are using the same BBID on the new device.
    07-30-16 09:57 AM

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