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    I still get notice to update my software ,then another notice it is paused stating it was to large to update over my att network .So I updated through BlackBerry link...successfully. I'm still getting update notices and pauses, I turned off update notification, still getting them. How do I stop getting them, I don't know if it's BlackBerry or att sending me notice. What was updated?I can't notice anything different. Security I hope.

    Question2) I did a full back up also before updating so another question I have is where are my contacts and texts are they all also backed up when I do a full back up to desktop? My Sim card tells me it's full, where are my contacts stored ,I am assuming of course on device I store them on both Sim and device. Just want to be sure they are backed up on link. Isn't there a way to store contacts and texts on my memory card?

    Question3) I am constantly getting update Caldav? sychML and update c*********@aol.com . Oye! Att had free address book that they discontinued,Awhile ago, so I un check Att address book each time when I save contacts, could having that att address book be the cause? I'm afraid to delete it , I check the boxes local and sim to save contacts. I keep putting password in. (Not sure if that Is related to the issue at all.) I still get that notice from my BlackBerry. I am still using my trusty BlackBerry Classic,

    question 4), My email is still slow due to change with yahoo and aol forming oath which in turn messed with aol back in the Spring. What a mess that was for many of us, this forum helped me change my settings to get and send email.
    Will there possibly be a new Android Classic BlackBerry on the horizon? I wish I wish I wish! I'm holding out for classic ,I don't think I can hold much longer. I checked out Key2, big change, Thanks all ~
    09-10-18 08:55 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    1) Reload your OS.

    2) No, you can't store contacts on the memory card like that.

    3) Seriously, ditch AOL. The ATT address book isn't causing your problems, it's AOL being terrible.

    4) Don't count on a Android Classic... but you can fix your email by ditching AOL. Just set AOL to forward to a new email address, GMail or even Outlook.. Anything but Yahoo or AOL.
    09-10-18 01:55 PM
  3. firefly1111's Avatar
    Thank you
    09-10-18 07:15 PM

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