1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I see references to "sideloading" an Android app to my Playbook (like being able to receive Eye-Fi pictures). Can someone explain - in easy-to-follow steps - how I'd go about doing that?

    Many thanks.
    08-24-14 04:50 PM
  2. ATV_Hightower's Avatar
    There is a very good tutorial about Sideloading, especially for the PlayBook. Where?
    Forum - BlackBerry Playbook Forum- Apps and Games - Android Sideloading (link)

    Please try to find this things by yourself or use the search feature.
    08-24-14 05:11 PM
  3. pttptppt's Avatar
    A quick search on crackberry would reveal so many results. But I'll give you the simplest solution. Download chrome on your computer. Search on the chrome store for "bb10". Click on the first result (bb10/playbook app sideloading) and click install to chrome. Follow the instructions to connect to your playbook.
    Now you need to convert the android app. Go to PlayBook .apk to .bar converter and click upload .apk. Upload your android app and wait for it to finish converting. Once your done, go back to the chrome tool and click install and select the .bar file that you (after converting the .apk file). Wait for it to install and voila. You're done.

    And effortless as the process is, it's not quite worth it as the playbook android runtime is slow and doesn't support many apps/games
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    08-24-14 05:16 PM

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