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    07-17-14 01:10 PM
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    you can send and receive any app files want to between blackberry and android phones via bluetooth, email, bbm, nfc, etc, just navigate to the saved file on your blackberry through the file manager built in, hold down on the app until the menu appears and then share it.

    How do I send and receive apps with other mobile..-img_20140717_193325.png

    but remember you can only install the android APK's which you send or receive, you cannot install blackberry app files (.BAR) without a computer or some form of installer app like 'SideSwipe'.

    If i've not answered your question properly just let me know what you mean and i'm sure ill be able to help you.
    07-17-14 01:32 PM
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    07-18-14 04:35 AM

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