1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    How do I send media using my BlackBerry Z10 on WhatsApp
    11-22-16 09:51 AM
  2. Mostdistortion's Avatar
    You must use the whatsapp for blackberry the one downloaded from BlackBerry world (it is working for new numbers again)
    In the menu of right side you can send media.
    In case you are using whatsapp for android, it have problems to send media and waafixer seems to be failing
    11-22-16 10:49 AM
  3. Asvertus's Avatar
    Doesn't work anymore for video.
    how do i send media on whatsapp-img_20161122_180701.png

    Posted via CB10
    11-22-16 12:39 PM
  4. Zeeshan Ali7's Avatar
    I updated the latest from BlackBerry world on my passport and I cant send media eralier before the update it was working perfectly only after the update the media problem has occurred

    Red passport
    11-22-16 01:02 PM
  5. kolowosh's Avatar
    I do have the same problem. I can receive but cannot send video files using the last update of Whatsapp. When I try to send them, they're mark resend and after a while they disappear from the conversation. Any help
    11-22-16 01:35 PM
  6. Zeeshan Ali7's Avatar
    If you check the reviews at whats app BlackBerry world every updater got the same issue so whats app has to patch the update else nothings going to fix the issue or may be they have layed off BlackBerry traffic by way of new update which was candy coated with the june 2017 extension and it was too tempting that each one updated.....lets hope they fix it

    Red passport
    11-22-16 01:53 PM
  7. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    hmm .. i updated today (not having seen this thread), but I am able to send pictures and videos with WhatsApp contacts. I just tested one of each with a friend.
    11-22-16 03:54 PM
  8. malluco's Avatar
    Funny thing is that I requested support for WhatsApp about the video upload error and they have an automatic answer that they no longer support BlackBerry ..

    Bunch of horns
    11-23-16 07:05 AM
  9. dkonigsberg_wa's Avatar
    This issue with video sending should now be fixed.
    It wasn't a problem with the update, but rather a problem caused by some server-side changes that happened around the same time.
    11-30-16 12:32 PM

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