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    When I select the Facebook icon I get a message that says Session has Expired and then it asks you to re-login and you can only select "Okay". Then it takes you to a screen where you can add Accounts. On mine it offers 3 possibilities: Hotmail, Evernote and SMK-PC (offering BlackBerry Link). Facebook is not shown as an option. Facebook runs on my phone when I go into it through my browser but not the FB icon. I suspect it has something to do with SMK-PC, as it seems to cause some problems elsewhere. But the strange thing is that it operates fine except for that. I don't want to reinstall the App and lose everything. Can anybody help me with this problem? It was fine until I went through the Wizard so I think it's something I did incorrectly. Please help. Thank you.
    12-20-15 07:33 PM

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