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    At work we don't need all the security features of workspace only devices, however we need to restrict internet access from our devices. Currently we run all devices in workspace only mode and all internet traffic is routed through a proxy. The proxy logs data and restricts access to certain sites during work hours as required by company policy.

    This works perfectly, except for the fact that we can't run Android apps on these phones as the android runtime doesn't run in workspace only mode. I know there are potential security risks with Android and this is why it isn't available, however we're not worried about security to this level. Is there any way we can enable the Android runtime in this situation?

    We don't have a large number of phones so if there is a manual process on the device side that is fine. Otherwise is there any other way we can do it? Unfortunately parental controls don't work in conjunction with balance otherwise we could just block the browser on the personal side.

    Looking for any creative ideas to achieve what we want... restricted internet + android apps.

    03-13-15 12:07 AM
  2. martinjdub's Avatar
    This might be a helpful link of information from the BlackBerry dev site

    Installing Android or iOS apps in the work space - BlackBerry Developer
    03-13-15 04:53 PM

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