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    After the most recent update to my Dtek 60, my data completely abandoned me. Everything was just fine until the update, yet any rep I speak to attempts to circle around the idea that the service provider is at fault. There are no issues with connecting to networks or making calls and sending texts. Unless connected to Wi-Fi, I am unable to perform any actions involving data. I've run various checks and even switched to another device to ensure the service provider wasn't at fault. The DEVICE itself is conflicted in regards to the data, not the service provider or any other factor.

    I've run several different tests and perused a great deal of information within the device itself, but no dice. At some point during the testing, the data icon BRIEFLY illuminated and performed a couple of things before fading to black once again. This leads me to believe that rather than the device, the real concern is with the recent patch. So I guess my real question is, how do I resolve this issue within the security credentials that affects how the data is accessed? I could be wrong with my perspective on it, but I just want to use my data when I'm NOT at home or work....

    Any assistance with this would be immensely appreciated, moving forward from this issue could potentially accelerate the ideas in the patch notes as well!
    06-09-17 09:43 AM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Have you confirmed that Data is enabled in your Cellular Settings?
    06-09-17 08:29 PM
  3. Zyxsemaj's Avatar
    I'm the original poster for this issue for those wanting more information in regards to it. The very first thing I did was go to my cellular settings, unfortunately it isn't that quick of a fix. It seems no developers can figure this one out, would the warranty cover this type of situation?
    06-10-17 08:42 PM
  4. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    I would try different combinations of turning off and on Data, WiFi, and Airplane Mode.
    06-11-17 09:24 AM
  5. Zyxsemaj's Avatar
    That was the very first thing I did when the data first went MIA. I've sent in bug reports and gone through the logs myself as well as expend the options in Safe Mode. Going so far as to open the "MANU" to perform tests... To be honest, I'm seeing that the update ruined my phone and there's no resolution. Even now in the blackberry support emails, they only respond with resolutions that involve toggling some options rather than attempting to focus on reviewing the actual update details and then cross referencing them with the reports and logs that I've sent in. I know that others have had a similar issues with data and the fixes were simple, probably because they tinkered around without being aware of what does what. As someone that spends a great deal of time debugging and working on systems, this is not a problem that can be resolved with turning something on and off.
    06-11-17 03:09 PM

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