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    So over the past few weeks my Z10 has been frequently getting the "BSOD" Where the phone freezes and then gets a blue screen before rebooting and yesterday night it was just rebooting from this so called "BSOD" when the screen went blue again and it then died and I have been unable to get any resaponse other than the red Led flashing for less than a second if i hold down the power for 10 seconds other than that theres nothing, it wont even conect to the computer, I am taking it into the store i brought it from to get a replacment but im very worried incase they manage to fix it because i have a large amount of sensetive information on the phone and all my accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Email and websites are signed into) so I need to know a way to wipe this data, is it possible???
    01-19-15 01:23 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar

    If you can get it to connect the above app will wipe the device..... but if there really is a hardware issue that won't let it connect or that causes the devices to crash. Then maybe if you know someone with a really strong magnet....
    01-19-15 01:30 PM

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