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    SIM is full. Does anyone know how to move contacts from the Classic to a PC? BLEND's dashboard doesn't seem to have any solutions nor can I find anything by going directly to "contacts" on the phone itself. I'm using a PC operating Windows 10 and using BLEND I have used older Blackberries with desktop software that allowed me download or update contacts and even save them to Excel. However, now it doesn't appear to be any way of moving them to SIM or any other place. Bottom line, I want my contacts safe - and saved; meaning, somewhere else other than on the phone itself - woe, if it should crash. Maybe if I could view the SIM card files I'd know whether it contains any of my contacts.
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    05-30-17 06:48 AM
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    I don't know if you can do multiple contacts at once but if you go into your contacts press on a contact at the bottom right there is three dots when in the contact press it it will give you the option to move to sim.
    05-30-17 08:11 AM

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