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    Hello, I follow Crackberry since almost two years ago, and I've been into BlackBerry devices for a long time.

    I at least have my first BlackBerry 10 device (BlackBerry Classic) and I've got some trouble connecting it to the mobile network.

    I know, I know, legacy BIS data plan have been on discussion and there are many people loudly saying BIS plan is not used by BB 10 devices, although there are many that as well, say their legacy BIS plan is perfectly working on the device.

    A year ago my friend bought an unlocked Q5 and it worked with its legacy BIS plan offered by our carrier, so I've seen with my own eyes that it is posible to use it in BB 10 devices.

    So here is the problema:

    I have a legacy BIS plan, that works well with my previous OS7 device. When I got my Classic, I put my nanoSIM but the network symbol appeared with lowercase (3g). The apn was configured with nanoSIM defaults, so I changed the APN to "blackberry.net", no username, no password. The network symbol changed to uppercase (3G). So, I guess the device can connect to that APN, however, it seems the device still can't connect to internet.

    When the device is connected with the default APN, the network symbol appears with lowercase (3g, only voice) the browser says "No Network Connection, Make sure your device is connected to a network and try again".

    When the device is connected with the blackberry.net APN, the network symbol changes to uppercase (3G, data and voice) and the browser says "Error, Couldn't resolve the host name".

    I've tried registering the device via Settings->About->Network->Register device, but it stays with the message "Registration requested" and nothing else.

    Is there a way I can connect to internet with the legacy BIS plan I have? I mean, the APN is correct, but there's maybe some setup I should do manually so I can get my device to connect. I don't know why I can't register it via About->Network.

    Maybe some escreen configuration I'm missing?

    Thank you in advance.
    01-04-15 12:07 PM
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    Hello, since I'm new posting on the forums I made some mistakes in the post (it was me). I've registered already. When I said "at least" I meant "at last".
    01-04-15 01:07 PM
  3. Licpolu's Avatar
    For some weird reason, a corrected versin of my post finally got posted (although there were error messages). Can a moderator please delete this thread, so the one that stays is the other one?
    01-04-15 01:11 PM

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