1. Himanagendra Janjanam's Avatar
    i downloaded and installed 10.3 Leak OS. I cannot find gallery or calender or any any other apps which comes as inbuilt as in 10.2 OS.
    Please help me in downloading and installing them.
    11-22-14 03:58 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    How did you install the leak?
    You should have used an autoloader which contains all the files and the apps. If you only installed the core OS and the radio then you have none of the apps. You would need the debrick file and extract the apps from it. sounds like too much for you since you made a mistake the first time.

    Go back and get an autoloader for your device...which do you need? And run the entire autoloader.
    WHICH DEVICE DO YOU HAVE? When can't help with incomplete information.
    11-22-14 07:10 AM
  3. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    OP, Do NOT install DEVELOPER OS leaks. Locate a proper leak and install it.
    11-22-14 07:20 AM
  4. Himanagendra Janjanam's Avatar
    i installed anyone suggest the proper leak now?
    11-22-14 07:25 AM
  5. Ecm's Avatar
    Please avoid creating duplicate threads for the same question. Let's continue in the original thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/ask-que...10-3-a-978256/
    11-22-14 07:40 AM

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