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    How do you get rid of BBM on a Z30? This piece of crap software only serves to regularly discharge and render my phone useless every few weeks...

    Also - I got my Z30 because I wanted to be connected but many threads and my own personal experiences re the wi-fi failings on BB10 mean that it is pretty useless at that as well.

    I also hoped that it would be a good place to store my critical data but many threads and again my own personal experiences when it corrupted my entire file store meant that the use of an external card was also a complete and total waste of my time as well.

    I also hoped that the picture security settings would be useful but apparently, the fact that I wished to be a rebel and use Microsoft's exchange would **** that up as well makes me wonder why they ever mentioned it was available...

    I am however extremely pleased to hear that instead of a "dark hub" - BB's team have been working very hard to give us the option to call up our settings using two fingers...

    I can think of better things to use my fingers for but then again, I have repeatedly posted reminders to the BB team that they are being retrenched by the thousand and yet they are still not listening to our issues and instead they are busy with something stupid like the passport or what ever the hell they call it despite the fact that the vast majority of their own users think that it is stupid...

    If you know how to get rid of BBM from a Z30 then post. But please try not to waste my time of you don't...

    Sean Mollison
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    07-29-14 06:32 PM
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    You can't delete BBM from your phone, just like you can't delete iMessage off of an iPhone.

    I'd love to know how BBM is responsible for rendering your phone useless every few weeks though.

    Hope this response didn't waste any of your time!
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    07-29-14 06:38 PM

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