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    Hi guys,

    I'm coming from an iPhone 5, just bought a Classic. Loving it so far but had a few questions.

    #1 : I noticed my screen isn't turning on when getting a text message, is there a way to turn this on? I made sure battery savings was off.

    #2 : Is there a way to make incoming emails refresh faster on the Blackberry? Sometimes when I got into my hub, I need to manually click "refresh" to see new emails.

    12-27-14 03:54 PM
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    How fast do you want the notification / check ?
    from the email list.
    from more->settings, Select Email Accounts
    select the account you want to change
    (now shows Auto signature on/off)
    -> Select Edit Account
    (now shows description etc)
    -> scroll down,
    at the end of Use push if supported etc, there is Sync interval. fastest is 5 mins to check.
    But be warned, it will use data to do so.
    Ideal position is enable Push if available and Manual Sync and see if your provider is providing push notifications. If not, then sorry, 5 mins (or 10/15/30 if that is good enough) is the fastest you can get. In general I find push (on gmail, MS exhange and other accounts) to be faster on OS10 than on my work supplied iphone 5c.

    Go back to the menu-settings side tab
    and select Display and Actions (not Email Accounts).
    Scroll down and you can choose instant Preview
    and interactive Lock Screen notification - the one I think you want.
    Instant Preview Settings, and select the Visual (section) LED on, to flash the LED when there is unread mail.

    Oh, and yes, you can get to those notifications and email accounts from the settings Icon also.
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    12-27-14 05:18 PM

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