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    Wow, now BB is in bed with Google and they are becoming more like Apple every day. Apparently there is no way of uploading my >6000 contacts to the PRIV except for either using the Gmail-cloud for conversion or typing each individual data point by hand into the device. Have we come this far that every data point going into the BB device will be vetted by Google in one of their farms abroad before? Doing that with Music is one thing but my business contacts???
    Does anyone have any more suggestions on how to potentially work around those bullies? I spent over three hours on the phone with Verizon and BB experts we reviewed transfer by means of WiFi Q10-PRIV, converting Outlook files to VCF and transfer that by means of SD Cards (Google actually blocked that as well because they do not allow to import any files that do not come from GMail). Help?
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    03-26-16 01:07 PM
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    03-26-16 01:49 PM

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