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    So I've had my blackberry bold 9900 for just over 2 years now and i forgot to charge it one day and now it will not turn on or charge. There is no red light or battery empty icon. The phone is just dead. I desperately need to get my data that was on there. Is there any way to retrieve that data? I have looked on many sites and forums, no one seems to be able to help. Please assist me. I've tried wall chargers, USB cables and portable battery chargers. I've tried charging the phone with and without a battery. I have tried buying a new battery nothing works Anyone who can help me will have my gratitude for life!!!!
    10-08-14 06:22 PM
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    I don't know the extent of your search on this subject matter, but it would seem others have the same issue, no red light and the phone doesn't turn on. It might be "bricked" or something to this regard. I don't have the answer you need, but rather I have I have a question, did you have an mini SD card in the phone to store files? Anyways I found this link to a similar question being asked. Sorry I can't help.

    Blackberry bold 9900 wont turn on at all with no r... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    10-08-14 08:08 PM

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