1. jhrain's Avatar
    I got my Microsoft Band today. For some reason, it pairs fine with my Z30 running 10.3.1, but the application does not recognize the Band. Suggestions?
    11-03-14 02:52 PM
  2. dmacne's Avatar
    did you sort this out? I just picked up a band and haven't been able to get it to sync with the MS health app on my Z30. I just loaded up a 10.3 leak and still no success.
    12-18-14 07:51 AM
  3. kylecowan's Avatar
    Any luck, I will load the 10.3 leak if it only works with Bluetooth LE.
    12-29-14 01:57 PM
  4. kylecowan's Avatar
    I loaded and I have the same issue as 10.2 > Application will not connect with the band, Bluetooth disconnects right after successful pair.

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-15 10:18 PM
  5. kylecowan's Avatar
    New version of Band posted Jan 7th...did not help sync issue. There is no way to upgrade the firmware on this thing without having the mobile app sync (desktop will not upgrade firmware at this time). I told MS support that it is ridiculous that you have to have a PHONE to be on the latest release of the firmware. Also, the MS rep said that you have to use a "native" version of Android (although not stated on their website specs) to run Band, so we may be SOL for quite sometime.
    Q10 version
    01-09-15 03:15 PM
  6. kylecowan's Avatar
    I have a new ATT Passport now, and I have updated both the handset software (1.3.10217.2) and the band firmware (10.2.2610.0). It let me update the firmware from the new desktop version (1.3.10218.1). The Passport still can not connect to the mobile android app.

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
    02-23-15 02:00 PM
  7. BclassicB's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Just got my classic and had completely forgot that I ordered a MS Band. I been doing some reading on here and it looks like using the band with 10.3.1 is a no go still? Is anyone out there who made this work yet? How about the app, I've had no luck trying to get in on the Blackberry and should be getting my band tomorrow.

    03-16-15 06:49 PM
  8. tayl0rd's Avatar
    My wife gave me a Microsoft Band for my birthday today. I'm running and the app still won't pair with the band. The band itself will pair with my Z10 just fine. It's the Microsoft Health app that won't recognize that it's paired. Guess I'm stuck syncing with the desktop app until MS decides to "open up" the app.
    07-30-15 04:48 PM
  9. juanoblackcrack's Avatar
    Find any joy trying to pair it up?

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-15 03:57 AM
  10. tayl0rd's Avatar
    09-18-15 01:55 PM

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