1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My blackberry classic fell into the toilet for 3 seconds and now it does not turn on , it only goes on the red light and the words blackberry classic comes on the first thing it does when you usually power it on , help !!!
    07-06-16 04:16 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Here's what you do, BUT it might be too late....

  3. Gajja's Avatar
    Most phone users regardless of make of device seem to agree the way to deal with it is something like this...
    1. First, avoid trying to power the device in any way while it's wet.
    2. Gently remove any obvious water externally and under any covers that are user removable. Also a little shaking out probably wouldn't do any harm.
    3. place the device somewhere the air is dry and warm enough to evaporate water (but not actually hot) for a long time (several days). best if the air can get all around it and any user removable covers are removed.
    4. Now try the device and see if it works.

    Good luck.
    07-06-16 07:02 AM
  4. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    Put it in a sock and put that sock in a bag of rice. Let it sit for as long as you can. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what will.

    (Being totally serious here. The rice draws the moisture from your device and it might dry it out enough for it to work again. I dropped my Passport into a bathtub full of water and I brought it back to life using this method. Still going strong over a year later!)
    07-06-16 07:13 AM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Here's what you do, BUT it might be too late....

    07-06-16 08:13 AM
  6. FrankUnderwood's Avatar
    It's not like buying another one is an option. Until they run out.

    I might actually get rid of this one on ebay because aside from CB10 it's a paper weight. And every time I look at it makes me sad.

    Posted via CB10 on the President Underwood version of the BlackBerry Classic
    07-06-16 09:04 AM
  7. scrannel's Avatar
    Water isn't what kills the phone, it's particles carried by the water. You have to clean the phone (if it's not already shorted) -- the best way to do this is with an "electronic cleaner", like CRC QD (Electronic Cleaner). You can spray this into your (battery-out) phone and it will wash out particles and it then evaporates.
    07-06-16 09:04 AM
  8. Brianch85's Avatar
    Remove all water if possible and put it in a tight aircontainer or topawear thing covered in rice should drain all water let it be for 24 hours ans se what happens

    Posted via CB10
    07-06-16 09:11 AM
  9. scrannel's Avatar
    If the water is dirty rice will not help. All you're doing is allowing the phone to dry out, and if the water is clean, great. But otherwise you are doing nothing but allowing dirt to keep the battery shorted.

    As owners of golf carts know, dirty batteries can discharge due to the dirt (or dust etc) acting as a "ground".
    07-06-16 10:18 AM

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