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    How do you get rid of email account icons from the "All" screen of my old Blackberry 9810 if you've already destroyed the old SIM card. The "Email Account Management" selection under "Options" no longer works as the phone no longer has network access.
    01-17-15 09:27 AM
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    I'll admit, for starters, that I'm no expert.. I have a Bold phone myself and from that, plus from checking the 9810 manual (they're quite similar), I'd like to try and get you on your way. Hope you don't mind.

    From your question I understand you want one of either two things: hide the email icons from your home screen, or delete the accounts altogether.
    To only hide the icons, you can just select the relevant icon, press the menu button, then select and press "hide icon".
    But, if you really want to delete the account, I can see your problem in no longer having network access (and thus no email account management).

    What might work, is a security wipe, though I'm not 100% sure this would wipe the accounts themselves rather than just the data (emails) it contains... Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on this forum could tell you (and me).
    All I can say is
    1) a wipe is tricky! It would, for example, delete your contacts as well! So always make a back up before you start!
    2) if you really want to try this: options > security > security wipe. But again, act with great caution! Read the manual, too.

    If you're happy with the accounts remaining on your phone, but just don't want to see them on your home screen, I'd stick with hiding the icons.. ;-)

    Hope this helps a bit.
    01-18-15 04:19 PM

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