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    I have a BlackBerry z3 which had an issue,the screen was acting up on its own and the shortcuts menu was popping us every second ( guess the sensor got screwed up or something) I then took the device to a service centre near me . It took them 1 and a 1/2 month to fix the device ( during which I had to call them several times and also visit there it was a lot of pain) . After receiving the device it kinda more screwed up the screen does not take touch commands like it used to it gets hang and stuck in between ( I have updated the os to 10.3.2 also) and the major problem it has now is that the battery. It doesn't even lasts a day on standby to the battery gets drain ( earlier I would get two days on a single charge easy but now on a full charge and full use it only lasts for a few hours) I contacted the company which is in charge of servicing BlackBerry s in India via mail but I am not getting any reply. So now I was wondering if its possible to contact actual BlackBerry and get my device fixed by them.

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    10-13-15 08:56 AM
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    Most likely if the device has been repaired by a third party, this will have voided any warranty and BlackBerry wouldn't want much to do with it.

    That said, there should be phone numbers for BlackBerry Customer Support somewhere on the BlackBerry web site, if you want to discuss it with them.

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    10-13-15 09:00 AM
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    It was repaired by the BlackBerry authorised service center and the no. That the service centre provided which according to them is the contact number of BlackBerry in India dosent work

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    10-13-15 09:05 AM

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