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    Is it possible to set up a blackberry so it syncs with an MS exchange server account, so we are allowed access to the contacts but not Emails. The reason I ask is, we have a duty manager phone which is going to be a Blackberry, to save setting up another exchange account, I would like to use my account for the company shared contacts. This is so whoever is on call with the mobile, will always have customers and employees numbers to hand which are updated daily at the office on a shared contact list of which I am a member. So to clarify, I have an Iphone currently that syncs with MS exchange, my thought is to also sync the blackberry to the same account, but somehow disable the emails on the Blackberry. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Alastair
    01-16-15 09:04 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    If this is a BlackBerry 10 device and set up as an an EAS account, then yes. Go to Settings > Accounts and select the account. Scroll down and toggle "Sync Email" off, leave "Sync Contacts" on.
    01-16-15 09:32 AM
  3. Cardking999's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply Elessar.cm
    It is a Blackberry Pearl 8120.
    I assume you have to have a BB 10 to do this then?
    Regards AR
    01-16-15 10:35 AM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    It may be possible on the Pearl, but I'm afraid that since I've been on BB 10 for about 2 years, I've forgotten the ins and outs of how accounts can be customized on the Legacy OS. We'll need someone with an older device to chime in. I'll see if I can find someone to help.
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    01-16-15 10:51 AM
  5. scullcy's Avatar
    Does your company has a BES server?
    To sync contacts with an Exchange account youŽll need a BES server (BIS / OWA only syncs emails). I donŽt know if thereŽs an option just to sync contacts...
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    01-16-15 10:58 AM
  6. Cardking999's Avatar
    Thanks Scully, I have solved the issue, I had just not drilled into the desktop software far enough, (NB separating out the folders and files that can be synced or not synced. Thanks to all on this forum a nice bunch of people. Best Regards Alastair.
    01-17-15 11:01 AM

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