1. NMW86's Avatar
    I'm not asking how do I change my email account on the BB device, the issue I have is that the email address I use my BBID sign on email I no longer have access to (old work email for a place I no longer work at). Yeah, it was dumb to use a work email looking back now (hindsight is 20/20...).

    I can still sign on to BlackBerry World using that old work email as my sign on email, however, I would like to change it to my current personal email just to prevent any future hassles.

    Is there any way I can do that without having to create a new BBID and password? If I have to create a new BBID sign on and password, is there any easy way to transfer apps and whatnot (BlackBerry Link perhaps...) easily?

    02-19-15 09:39 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Changing your BlackBerry ID password, username, and other info - User Guide - BlackBerry ID

    Not being mean and all, but if you had typed that question on Google, instead of the title field, you'd have the answer already.

    But welcome to the forums and glad to help!
    02-19-15 09:42 AM
  3. NMW86's Avatar
    Ha, well that was much easier than I anticipated.

    Thanks for the help and no offense taken!
    diegonei likes this.
    02-19-15 10:24 AM

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