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    Trying to post a activity with friends ever time I do I get this. I do I associate an email with it.? I have 2 email accounts and I thought. They were associated?
    How do I associate an email with calander-img_20150927_182325.png

    And also is there a way to sync my calendar with my wives on her iPhone?

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    09-27-15 07:24 PM
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    I think this simply means that the emails you wanted to have in the event are not in your emails contact list ..
    May be .. So did you assoiciate email on this screen ..
    //And also is there a way to sync my calendar with my wives on her iPhone?
    There is a way .. Keep your email same and keep it in calendar of any device you want .. and it will get automatically synced everywhere like a cloud .. If the email is same whatever you update on one device will get updated on another device ..
    09-28-15 06:25 AM
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    09-28-15 06:30 AM
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    When I tried to add an email my emails are already there and I am unable to change anything. So I am not sure what to do? And Cheers for calander info!!

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    10-01-15 10:01 AM

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