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    I have a lap top, confitured with 0utlook2013 via using comcast email addresses. I want to have all my devices (BB Q19, BB Tablet, and laptop email by in sync with contacts and calendar if not email as well.

    Can I use POP3 or do I need to do something different? If so what and how?

    If I can only sync one or two of the three devices which ones and how?

    Before OS10 i could do what i am asking but now i cannot. I have absolutely no contacts or calendar items on my tablet.

    My Q10 and my Outlook laptop are NOT in sync.

    All of this is a mess. Appreciate your help.
    12-30-14 03:12 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Your best option would be a cloud based internet service - I really like Microsoft's Outlook.com as it uses active sync instead of imap to sync accounts. Everything is in the cloud and syncs to any device...

    POP3 is not a two-way protocol, so it doesn't allow for changes on a device to be uploaded and then reflected on another device.

    Google, Yahoo, Outlook.com, and other provide free online email along with calendars, tasks....

    Then there are a number of paid hosted email services that offer additional storage and other features.
    12-30-14 03:42 PM

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