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    I have enabled Arabic and English as input languages on my Q5 and all is working fine in the apps I want to use Arabic with, except that some of the keys on the Q5 keyboard have 2 Arabic letters on them, and I can't for the life of me work out how to access the second letter on a key. Alt doesn't work, Shift doesn't work, press and hold doesn't work. For example, the same key (the T key in English) has both "eyn" and "reyn" on it in Arabic. When I press this key I can only get "eyn" and never "reyn". I have looked at all the Blackberry help but can't find anything about this. Anyone know how to access this second letter on a key on a multilingual English-Arabic keyboard? Thanks for any assistance, as this is driving me crazy!
    06-26-15 08:35 AM

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