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    Greetings, somehow the default calendar on my Blackberry 9930 has become my facebook calendar, and it will not allow me to select the actual default calendar when I create new calendar items. Not sure how this happened. I have several calendars, seemingly as a result of having multiple email accounts connected to my Blackberry. After doing some research, it seems that calendar items created in calendars that are not the actual default calendar on the Blackberry cannot be synchronized with my Outlook calendar. I would like to consolidate all of my calendar items, reminders, alarms, etc, from the multiple calendars on my Blackberry into the actual default calendar, or into a new one that can be synchronized with my Outlook. I've been through a lot with this phone and with past Blackberry models, and am not too much of a beginner. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure this one out. Can anyone tell me how? Grateful for your help.
    07-18-14 01:15 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    So first you would have to move all the appts to the one calendar first. Then I'd suggest going into the services and deleting the calendars you do not want to be used. Then sync the account. I always immediately deleted the extra calendars off when I set up my phones so there is no chance of them being used.
    07-18-14 06:56 AM

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