1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I am returning to my maiden name and simply just need to amend my surname on my email address. Everything else remains the same.
    Anyone know who do this on the PRIV?
    04-23-17 06:40 AM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello if understood correctly to modify your email address re change name you have to do it on the site where you got email. For example Gmail. Remember any changes also means changing any other place where you had email registered so you do not loose info. Once set you would have to make sure all information if want on your address forward to your new. Then just set up the new address re add email account on your PRIV in settings HUB add account.
    If you do no need or do not want to change on for example GMAIL site. On your PRIV in settings HUB, select settings, accounts, incoming and outgoing server settings. Here you can also change account display name. Good luck

    Posted via PRIV and or PASSPORT SE
    04-23-17 07:34 AM

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