1. Mechanizer22's Avatar
    How to set different colours for different contacts and different apps..??? Where ever I get to the LED setting there are only on,off and default options.
    How to change LED colour..???-img_20141216_150537.png

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    12-16-14 03:36 AM
  2. cycle_wala's Avatar
    That option is not yet available on 10.2.1

    Hold on for a little while longer. 10.3.1 is bringing back that option.

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    12-16-14 03:40 AM
  3. Gordash's Avatar
    I can recommend PowerTools. Great app.
    12-16-14 03:45 AM
  4. cycle_wala's Avatar
    I can recommend PowerTools. Great app.
    Unnecessary, if this is the only requirement. Because BlackBerry itself is releasing this feature with an OS update. Why waste a few bucks? But power tools is an awesome app though.

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    12-16-14 04:34 AM
  5. geraham's Avatar
    You could only do this with OS 10.3.1, but its still leaked Os at this moment.
    12-16-14 04:48 AM
  6. Mechanizer22's Avatar
    Thanks for ur replies.. then I'll wait till official 10.3.1 is out...

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-14 07:46 AM
  7. moody's Avatar
    Yes LED customizations are in 10.3.1 however they are still limited to few choices.

    If you are like me and want more than 7 customizations you will find Hub++ or Be buzz a better choice.

    I've tried both but have chosen Hub++ as my running tool.

    Not only does it give you unlimited customizations for contacts, it also offers options to create custom system notifications.

    For example I have a sound notification set for when there is no wifi available. This simple feature helped me identify how often my wifi signal was dropping at home. And I was able to make router adjustments accordingly.

    So, imho, it's worth the few bucks this app costs to get all the usable features it offers.

    I am.... Mrs Peevishlicious
    12-16-14 08:55 AM
  8. Valker's Avatar
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    12-16-14 08:56 AM

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