1. moutushi's Avatar
    Hello friends, I am new member, and i just get gift a Blackberry Z 10 today. for some reason i need to change os, either in android or in iOS, is it possible ? if possible give me the link or process.


    Moutushi Hoque
    08-23-17 02:17 AM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello your Z10 can only use BB10OS which is built in. You can update this OS to latest version via update on device itself or manually using autoloader. Good luck
    08-23-17 02:26 AM
  3. iqbalmd's Avatar
    First of all,in BlackBerry smartphones. ,the dominant OS is bbOS. U can't change the whole of the OS into an iOS or Android OS.

    Secondly, some BlackBerry smartphones including z10,z30,leap have inbuilt android runtime, in other words, u can run android apps in bbOS by downloading from Amazon Appstore.

    But in order to get the Amazon Appstore, u have to do either:-

    1. Update your bbOS to 10.2 or
    2. Check if u already have the Amazon Appstore, if u don't have it,update your bbOS

    Amazon Appstore is automatically installed as soon as u update your BlackBerry z10 OS to 10.2

    Posted via my BlackBerry leap
    08-23-17 10:21 AM

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