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    I had a family dinner last night and my cousin and his friend took my phone and wouldn't give it back. So i just got it back this morning and it has a letter password on it when it was set to a number password on it. Now i notice my cousins were trying to hack into it and if i don't put the right password in all my data will be erased. So i want to know how can i stop this from happening, and being able to get into my phone without deleting everything on my phone.
    12-29-14 01:48 PM
  2. cdnynot's Avatar
    One way is to go to your computer and go to:
    This is the Blackberry Protect, just put in your Blackberry ID and the password you use to log in (or purchase apps) and click on LOCK DEVICE... you can change your password for the device there without knowing the current password.
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    12-29-14 01:59 PM
  3. raino's Avatar
    You think they may have gotten in and changed the password? If so, I would talk to them very seriously and ask them for the password, and get their parents involved if necessary (I'm guessing they are juveniles...hopefully.) Then, in the future, don't let such people play with your phone, or if you absolutely have to, make sure it's locked before they get it.
    12-29-14 02:02 PM
  4. cdnynot's Avatar
    After you get in, make sure you make a backup of your phone.
    Just in case this happens again... then if you have to delete your phone, you can just reload the backup.

    I would then set up Picture Password.
    This adds extra security to your phone!
    12-29-14 02:08 PM

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