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    Hi I have a blackberry on orange network - think I just be thick but have tried 9 different ways to unlock this flipping phone and only have 1 try left, have got IMEI which is [deleted] have the MEP (which I had generated from this site) which is 07723-007 but when trying to put in unlocking code which was generated from here just is not working I have one attempt left.... when asking for MEP i'm putting the 07723-007(without the dash) didn't work so tried the unlock code didn't work tried the sim code (screen print below what I recieved tried mep code then mep1 code, am about to throw it out the window - if someone could help would be really grateful - have just had a look again at the box you have to type the MEP in and it says network MEP so would I use MEP2 ?

    IMEI : [deleted]
    ✔ MEP : MEP-07723-007
    ✔ UNLOCK MEP2 Code : 8044393638207625

    Other MEP codes:
    MEP1(SIM): 1888142837546545
    MEP2(Network Active): 8044393638207625
    MEP3(Network Subset): 1486019280185161
    MEP4(Service Provider): 1062239243248658
    MEP5(Corporate): 1414653521361682
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    10-06-14 02:44 PM
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    I suggest you contact Orange for the code, or choose a paid unlocking service.
    10-06-14 02:51 PM

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