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    Hi all,

    About a week ago, I received a 6 months old Blackberry Classic (2nd hand). I downloaded all the apps I need and use it everyday.
    Unfortunately, my battery life is very short (only 5~6 hours when full charged) and I'm not quite sure why. At first, I thought it was related to the E-mail sync, whatsapp and settling down process since the phone came factory reset. But even when i don't use all that, the battery dies very fast.

    I checked the battery consumption (Last 48 hours) and most battery goes to the PIM services (104%), System (40%) and Android player (29%)

    I also checked the CPU utilization of the system (last 48 hours) and PIM service was again the highest with 55% followed by system with 23% and android player 12%.

    Currently, i have everything turned off except for the Wifi and Mobile network. Brightness is at the lowest. Also, I have Google Playstore, Google account, Blackberry google ID, Google maps, whatsapp, kakaotalk, internet banking app, t-mobile app, soundhoud, spotify, dictionary, crackberry, CNN news installed from playstore on my phone.

    What is the problem of this battery draining and what should i do to fix this?

    Thank you in advance for your feedbacks.
    08-22-15 03:58 PM

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