1. Debbie Riscado's Avatar
    I have spent so much time and tried everything including side loading every apk available but it always comes down to Google services. When I install that it says that it isn't supported and to contact the manufacture. What I fail to understand is why online I am able to find people with the z10 who have the original Snapchat. I don't want to use any other alternative apps because I have already been warned to be blocked. Someone, please help me asap because at least the Amazon App store should provide Snapchat if it has all other apps which are mainstream. Many thanks
    04-11-15 08:29 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    If you know other Z10 people have it then I suggest you go search a few threads and try what they have tried to find the old apk. Of course, that's no guarantee it will work.
    04-13-15 01:06 PM
  3. harshik's Avatar
    Before it used to work with version 8, you could login and then update. However now it states that version 8 is too old and you need to update. Thus you can't login. So I don't think snapchat will work unless you already logged in from an older version.

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-15 02:42 AM
  4. Mikey_NNG's Avatar
    The days of sideloading Snapchat have been over for some weeks now. Lost cause.

    Posted via CB10 on Q5SQR100-2/
    04-14-15 03:03 AM

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