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    My colleague has a Windows 7 64bit PC, which he is connecting his Z30 to.

    The PC can see the device but when looking at photos, none of those which have been taken on the Z30 are showing within BB LInk.

    Whilst researching, it seems that the Z30 would need to have an SD Card for the device to be displayed within Windows Explorer on the PC. Is this true?

    I have a spare SD Card but haven't checked whether the device already has one installed yet.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue, what will?

    Many Thanks,

    08-03-15 08:14 AM
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    Plug the Z30 into the PC, no need to fire up Link.
    Look in the lower right corner of the PC screen, you should see an icon in the system tray called BlackBerry Device Manager, it will look like a little PC with a Blackberry in front of it - How can I get photos (taken on Z30) to be displayed on the PC?-gtzcu8d.png :
    1. If you don't see it, wait a minute or two for the computer to detect the Z30 and fire up the drivers. If Link has been installed on the computer, so has the Device Manager drivers. If Link has not been installed, the Z30 should detect that and offer to install it, choose drivers only.
    2. Right click that and choose Properties.
    3. In the Options tab, check the box "Mount tablet volumes on connect", if it is not already checked, and click Apply.
    4. Give it about 10 seconds, then click the Connect Devices tab. Click all of the " + " that you see if front of the tree items.

    If you now see something like:
    - Internal - A letter:
    - Removable - A letter:
    Then you are set.

    This means that the Internal device memory has been assigned a drive letter on the computer, it will show as drive "whatever letter it assigned" in Computer.
    If the device has a SD card (Removable), it is also been assigned a driver letter and will show up as a second drive like above.

    On the computer, open Computer (Start/Computer) and look for the one or two added drive letters, you can open those as if they were hard drive on the computer.
    Default, the Camera saves photos to Device Memory (Internal) in a folder called "camera", if the device has an SD card and the Camera app has been set to save to it, the photos will be in the "camera" folder on the Removable Memory (Removable).
    Use the computer to navigate through the folders and view/move/edit the photos.

    If the Z30 does have a SD card and the photos were saved to it, then you can simply it further by turning on USB Mass Storage Mode in the Z30's settings. Setting/Storage and Access/Access using USB/ and switch on USB Mass Storage Mode (OS 10.3.2.xxx, older OS the switch is in the main section of Storage and Access).
    What this does is allows the Z30's SD card to act as a USB thumb drive, no need to install Link or drivers, just plug the Z30 into a computer.
    Make sure to switch that back off when done using it on the computer, that way the Z30's system can properly access the SD card.
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    08-03-15 11:00 AM
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    You don't need an SD Card to view you phone's pictures on your PC. If you have Link installed you should be able to access your Camera folder directly from your PC, if you want to. When you connect your phone with a USB cable to the PC, you should see a BlackBerry Device Manager pop-up telling you that your device volume(s) have been mapped to a particular drive letter on your PC. If you open "Computer" from the Start Menu you should see your phone's drive volume listed with the name of your phone after your other hard drive(s), dvd, etc. Your camera pictures should be in the Camera folder.

    I have setup Link under Synced Media - Pictures to sync my phone's pictures to My Pictures\BlackBerry on my PC. Have you checked to see if you have done that? If so, then once you have synced your phone with Link, you should be able to find your phone's camera pictures on your PC in the My Pictures folder. I find it's faster to view my phone's pictures on my PC than from my PC to the phone.

    I almost forgot to mention that if you have setup your pictures to sync in Link then you should also be able to view your pictures from Link's main screen under Pictures.
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    08-03-15 12:19 PM
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    {as well}
    Using any of the cloud services (user account required) such as DropBox, OneDrive, Box installed on device and picture sync set ON this can also work for syncing photos taken on device to the account and subsequently accessible via the PC.
    08-04-15 07:35 AM

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