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    I use a Fastmail account on my blackberry with no problem but when I go to set up a fastmail caldav account, it fails. I have followed the setup forums both at Blackberry and Fastmail with no success. Do I need to download something more or what do I need to do to get this to work? It is a basic caldav account and I am using a Z10. I get an error saying my account can't be authenticated with service provider, make sure account settings are correct. I double and triple checked with the fastmail website and everything is correct. I like Blackberry very much, but I need my calendar or it's back to the Iphone..Help!!
    01-25-15 06:15 PM
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    I manage to solve it.

    Firstly, you have to ensure that your Fastmail account is the Enhanced or higher level account. If you are using Lite or Full, they do not have access to the Caldav server. Only Enhanced and Premier has access.

    Username and password as per your Fastmail account access. The url that you have to use is:
    How can I get my fastmail calendar to sync with BlackBerry?-screen-shot-2015-01-30-22.15.02-.png

    (The url is the same as that is required for the eM client.)

    Then restarted your BB and Bob's your uncle.
    Attached Thumbnails How can I get my fastmail calendar to sync with BlackBerry?-screen-shot-2015-01-30-22.21.20-.png  
    01-30-15 05:26 AM

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