1. mraamohamed's Avatar
    I am getting message that I am running out of room when I try to install apps, I have gone through and removed all apps I do not want, and then I noticed that the space of the phone is held by the OS is there anyway to clean up some of the bs,I have a Z3 BTW.

    12-25-14 01:11 AM
  2. itsme_rano's Avatar
    for the z3 this is a problem, since its internal memory is just 8gb. but i did a little writeup on an android app that may help. be warned though moving apps make make them unusable, some of them work, the one's that stop working is easy enough to fix. the app may help clear out some space. also check for app data. this is the link to the writeup

    12-25-14 10:01 PM

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