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    I am a writer and there is some content in my Blackberry SMS hub/some conversations I would like to export. I have tried 4 different apps this morning and none of them exports these files into a readable .doc or .TXT format - like how you can do on IExplorer with IPhone... I tried to copy and paste them into an email thread but the threads are too long.

    If anyone could help me out, I was thinking of it being as readable as

    Person 1:
    Person 2:

    which is what the .TXT files on IExplorer does....
    10-10-16 12:18 PM
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    Open up the chat thread you want to copy.

    Tap the three dots on the bottom left corner.

    Select copy chat.

    Open up Docs To Go.

    Paste into a blank document.

    Save document to cloud or whatever.

    Open up on your desktop.


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    10-10-16 01:04 PM

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