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    Hi guys! I would like to know about the battery life of a Z10 with moderate use, like WiFi on all day long, BT, GPS and NFC off, something around of 3 hours on web browsing and or maybe gaming. I'm between picking a Z10 and a Q5, as they became really cheap here in Brazil. Full touch or QWERTY isn't the point of decision for me, I know that the Q5 has a better battery life, since the battery is bigger and the screen smaller. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forums!

    The Z10 will "waste" more battery since it has a bigger, brighter display. Having a smaller battery does not really help. That said, I could squease 18 hours of my Z10 back then. Provided I was 100% of the time on WiFi and didn't use it much.

    Gaming on any BB10 device will rapidly drain your battery, nothing can be done about it.

    Having a slower processor (1.2ghz), smaller screen and slightly bitter battery helps the Q5. If you want a qwerty, go for this one. Else, I'd grab a Z10.

    So... Acio or Dilma sunday?
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    I wanted to post this as reply but it says it is spam... I don't understant why...

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    24hrs for my new Q5
    How is the battery life of the Z10 & Q5?-img_20141111_112146.png

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    11-11-14 02:40 PM
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    Catastrophe (Z10 STL-2 on 10.3)

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    11-11-14 05:37 PM
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    A screen shot....
    Had to charge it many times during the day

    How is the battery life of the Z10 & Q5?-img_20141111_233836.png

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    11-11-14 05:39 PM
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    When compared to other phones, the Z10's is bad, and the Q5's is acceptable.

    OS wise, I believe 10.3.0 to be better, as "system" on 10.3.1 consumes battery like crazy.

    11-11-14 05:40 PM

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