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    DEAD Z10 ---

    My Z10 does not want to switch on anymore. I've taken the battery out over a couple of days, charged it and all it does is show the initial blue blackberry watch dial screen and then freezes at that point. It won't go further than that and start up. I think my next option is to upgrade/reload OS but my fear is that I'll lose all my information on the phone. Is there anyway of backing up my photos (worst case), and then reloading OS?

    Require your igneous ideas...

    08-07-14 08:47 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    You are correct you have to reload the OS.
    I hope you have a backup.
    No you will lose everything unless your phone can be recognized on Link....
    Don't you have photos on an SD card? They will be safe there. Everything else on your phone will be lost.
    08-07-14 09:36 AM

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