1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello Team ,
    i was using z10 since it was launches and recently it got hot and shutdown so i'm back to my bb 9900 so

    Could you please help me to add contacts in my 9900 ???

    Z10 will get synced with gmail when we add in account without bes package internet do we have any option or solutions like this ??

    its really urgent

    Thanks in Advance
    12-07-16 12:55 AM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    (I like to open with a good laugh too.)

    I believe there are only two ways to accomplish your issue

    1.) Add contacts One at a time and
    2.) see #1

    Well, try to look at the bright side. It "could be worse,"
    Can't imagine how but if history is any indication, people will always find the worst in everything rather than working on a better solution.

    About the Z10. It shut down to protect for having a total melt down.
    It was most likely caused by an android app. So you may want to backtrack your steps as to what you did before the heat wave.

    Another thing that can be a partial cause is not rebooting your device whenever you update, upgrade or download. Just like your home computer you're required to re start your device to complete the install process. And, you should reboot your device several time a week anyway. I reboot every single night before setting it on the charger stand in Bedside mode.
    I get some heat from some people who disagree about that but, everyone that has told me it isn't necessary had issue with their devices while telling me how wrong I was
    I have a Z10 and a Passport and I've NEVER had a issue with either.

    Before you go back to your 9900 turn your Z10 on. Just hold the top button down until it shows some sign of life(which should take a few seconds) or until you see smoke followed by flames rising from your hand. That could be a sign of a bigger problem.

    The following is not said to increase the fear I've already given you cause to feel, but they make me say it. (maybe for insurance purposes..who knows!!)

    Disclaimer: If you do anything that came from a suggestion that I offered, you do so at your own risk and so on and so forth.
    12-07-16 02:10 AM

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